Monday, 18 May 2020

13th-May - A tail of two Blackbirds

Many of you have no doubt been witnessing the industrious efforts of your resident Blackbirds trying to cram as much food as possible into the ever expectant beaks of their young.
     I've been enjoying watching the pair that use our garden. The male of this pair is most distinctive having lost his tail, probably as a result of of a close encounter with felis catus (the domestic moggy). Despite lacking this most useful of appendages he is still able to feed his hungry brood.
The tailless male

The Female of this pair is lacking none of her appendages, but possibly lacking in common sense. I watched her looking into our open back door the other day and was surprised to see her boldly hop into the kitchen. I entered slowly scanning the room. No sign, then I heard a commotion in the front room and there she was flying around and landing all over the place. A few ornaments were knocked to the ground. I managed to get her back in the kitchen and grab her as she tried to bash herself senseless against the window. As I held her I could feel her heart beating strongly obviously scared. It was great to release her back into the garden unharmed.
    All that was left for me to do was to clean up the several small presents she'd left around the house.
Sat on the chair

Flying around

Enjoying the view

Inspecting the (burnt) oven gloves

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