Monday, 11 May 2020

8th-9th May - A compendium of curiosities

Lichens, mosses and most fungi have always been an enigma to me. I have never felt the need to learn their names or how to identify them, however I always like to look at and am fascinated by them.
Lichen covered stone head carving, Baconsthorpe Church

I stumbled upon this strange maple leaf. It was the only one affected among hundreds. I am unable to decide if it's a rust fungus or the eggs of a mite, both of which will parasitise the maple (Acer) family.
Rust or mite eggs on a maple leaf

Close up

I'm fairly certain that this pretty little fungus is known as Turkeytail.
Turkeytail fungus

The greatest of curiosities is the moon. A full moon has been brightening up our skies for the last few nights. Controller of the tides and possibly also ourselves (our bodies are made up of 60% water), the moon may influence us in more ways than we know. Police forces around the world can provide figures that show murder rates go up during a full moon. The ancients were also well aware of the moon's effect, giving rise to the terms lunatic and lunacy among others.
The full moon

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